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Latest News: Should AKA get in the middle of Dj Zinhle and Bongz relationship

AKA makes a hard demand to Dj Zinhle and Bongz


Sources: Mzansi Lit Twitter page

Is AKA trying to be on Dj Zinhle life again? AKA asks Zinhle and Bongz to be part of Asante's life. This came as a shock to Bongz because i think he may be thinking that AKA wishes that he had another baby with Zinhle. He also thinks that Zinhle and AKA may rekindle their strong bond again using baby Asante. I mean... he is a man and he has lots of questions on his head, some questions may be right and some may be wrong.

AKA has always been a responsible parent and there is definitely nothing wrong in helping Kairo and Asante to have the best relationship with each other as siblings. AKA has a child already with Dj Zinhle and Bongz also has a child with Dj Zinhle, their children will always been there for each other forever. In my opinion i think AKA may be feeling lonely and wished that he had his own family, but he will never get that low by ruining Zinhle's relationship with Bongz. Mzansi fans wished that AKA was the one who had a baby with Zinhle because they have always looked good together.

I am sure that AKA means well, and he should be allowed to be on baby Asante's life. If they do not allow him, what is it going to happen when AKA buys Kairo a gift and not for Asante as well? They must definitely look more into these kind of things because little things like things are there ones that breaks people's strongest relationships. AKA knows how Bongz feels about this and he is not doing this for him but for these two children, if Bongz trust his woman enough he should definitely open the door for AKA.

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