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Is he still fit enough for this young lady? Opinion

There are so many questions that a person would want to ask, like the first question is, who is this lady, that is the first question? Where does she come from? where did this old man found this young lady? Such a beautiful lady, going after such an old man.

Where did they find each other? You know there is this scenario where maybe, the old man got married to a certain wife who is a relative of this young lady, or even her older sister. Then things begin to happen after the sister has died or after a separation.

You may realise that most of the people that take over your husband after you are gone, they're not from far, they may be people of the same family, that are just exchanging hands with this man, just because he is got money.

You may realise that some members of your family they were looking for that opportunity to have him, then that could be the first thing that have happened to him to be able to hook up with this young lady. She could be someone he already knew.

Another scenario is, when the old man is a club person. Maybe he went to the club and as you know that, when you are driving your flash car, you parking it with style, every ladies will think highly of you. Maybe this lady was one of those slay Queens that love things, targeted this old man and approached him.

Whoever approached first or they approached each other, but I know that when you are at that age, it takes a lot of courage to approach this young lady. So I guess that the young lady was the one who started showing interest to old man or started charming this old man.

Actually showing that, she doesn't mind his age, because what she sees him driving, being parked out there, or the kind of the money that she is seeing. It could the kind of life that the old man is living, that is why I'm saying it could be that she also observed him for a long time. Maybe seeing him coming to the club for some days and then found out about what the old man has acquired, os achieved in life, and then go for him.

She knows that if he dies today, she's going to inherit everything that belongs to this old man. So she wouldn't mind sleeping with him, giving him everything that he wants, and then pretending to be caring, when she knows that there is a bigger slice of cake to cut.

Soo yeah, those are the sacrifices that women are willing to do, if you don't know people that can make sacrifices in this life, are women.

So the scenario which is the last, could be that this old man has a company, and this young lady could be one of his employees. The Secretary, the personal assistant, a supervisor and manager or wherever positioning that can make this young lady to report to this old man regularly, or expose her too much to the boss.

So you may realise that she had that kind of a position and after things did not go well with the old man, she decided to make a move or the old man decided to make a move. You may also realise that the old man never got married, he was just impregnating woman and girls leaving them with his children. Now that he is old, he wants someone to take care of him, then it happens that this girl was a familiar onecwith the old man.

So that could be another scenario, where the old man has found this girl at his company. It also can be possible because, when you are a boss of somebody, if you can be able to study their characters, you will know that, if I can approach this one, I can win.

As beautiful she is, she was not going to refuse him, and also knowing the kind of the flirting that the girl was having with him, as a boss ended up seeing her as an easy target. Woman know how to sell themselves.

People are reacting to this, love is love. Let them be, not don't mock them over their choices. They say love does not have anything to do with age, they say age is just a number.

So I don't know where to stand with this one, because even the Bible does not condemn it. It has been happening in the Bible where, someone would marry a very old lady, or someone marrying a very old man. So I wouldn't condemn it either, if they are happy praise God.

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