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She Told A Guy She Was On A Date With She Liked His Sunglasses But Didn't Expect Him To Do This Next

Date || 10 October 2021

Source || Instagram


Source || Google 


Being single might actually be a bit more fun than most people think because you can get to go out on dates, eat good food, meet new people and just have fun in general. It's not as bad as most people make it out to be and if something likes you and has the potential to spoil you, then they can do so without having someone to report to on where you got the gift from, etc. 

As I have mentioned above, being single has many benefits and one of them is going on dates which is exactly what this lady I'm going to be talking about did. This lady when on a date with some guy she obviously sees with some potential of being her boyfriend. She, however, didn't disclose where the date was or how it went in general but she did disclose that she complemented the guy on the sunglasses that he was wearing and, it seems like that guy was wearing designer sunglasses. 

Photo credit: Instagram

At some point, the date between this lady and the guy obviously ended and they both went their separate ways. However, what the lady didn't know was that the guy was very attentive to the complement that she gave him about his sunglasses because what he did next was very much unexpected. The guy decided to surprise that lady with her a pair of those designer sunglasses which don't come cheap at all. 

Photo credit: Instagram

As you can see from the picture above, the sunglasses are from the brand, Louis Vuitton which is one of the most loved and popular designer brands in the world. Many people love wearing it but this doesn't mean that it comes cheap. The sunglasses which the guy chose to surprise that lady with apparently retail for around $1000 which is around R14000 here in South African rands. This shows that these kinds of sunglasses are meant for the rich they are quite expensive and one would, therefore, have to have lots of money in order to buy it.

Photo credit: Google

After the lady posted about what happened to her online, someone left a very comment which was quite funny. That person said that next time, that lady should complement the guy on his car and see if he'll do the same thing as he did with the sunglasses. 

Photo credit: Instagram

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