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Should We Consider make-up as Witchcraft Just take a look at these pictures

Why do woman wear makeup, and let's just consider this question for a moment or better yet the part of it that says "wear".

1) Camouflage - woman who are anxious and insecure tend to use makeup to appear less noticeable.

2) To Attract Men - Woman who want to be noticeably more attractive tend to use makeup to be more confident, sociable, and assertive.

These 44 percent of the world's woman believe to show their natural, untouched face, they won't be able to accomplish either of those things, and they will be treated differently. It turns out there is some science to back up the fears driving them to wear makeup everyday.

Woman have it drilled nto tem from a young age that to be successful in everything, from dating to job interviews to froming friendships with other popular girls, they need to be pretty, and the basis for that isn't entirely cultural. It may not be fair, but according to the Association for Psychological Science, attractive people are treated more favorably in every area of life from dating to jobs to criminal trails.

I want to note that we took into account the beautiful diversity of who uses makeup and why. The current research on this subject focuses on straight men and woman and is based on the assumption that only woman wear it. This is not to say that it does not apply to men.

There a found to be two characteristics that make or contribute to the attractiveness of a woman's face, the amount of colour contrast around the eye and lips.

So let's take a look at these images and judge for ourselves to see what makeup has done in abscuring the natural beauty of modern woman.

I bet you'll never look at Instagram models the same after this

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Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science Behind Makeup Obsession

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