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Husband and wife relationship

PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Always Obey Your Word In My Marriage

A woman asserted frankly that she and her spouse hadn't shared a bed in years. That was incredibly strange and unexpected! How were they both coping, she was asked. They simply get up in the morning because they are in separate businesses, she responded. each would get ready for work, depart, and arrive at various times. As the conversation went on, it became clear that they had entirely lost their affections for one another and that the issue sprang from unresolved misunderstandings and incorrect acts. She received biblical guidance about married intimacy. And to God's glory, she returned home very sober. Her spouse now rides along in the car with her, which is a sign of a happier marriage.

The woman and husband each have a significant role to play in the passage we read today. In "everything," the woman is "commanded" to submit to her husband. This is not a request or a recommendation; rather, it is a directive that must be properly followed if the woman is to finally enter heaven. Some issues arise when some wives start earning more money than their husbands, but they neglect the fact that their husbands have been their primary decision-makers ever since they swore the marriage oath. Lack of trust and poor communication are further issues.

Spend some alone time with the Lord, every mother who reads this devotional today. If you reflect on how and when you first met, has your marriage improved or deteriorated? better, with greater grace. If worse comes to worst, confess your sins to God and beg your husband's pardon. When you are in error, practice saying "I'm sorry" at all times. Let your children share in this atonement and rehabilitation. There must be one family.

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