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Remember this Girl we all used to love, Social media finally found her (See Picture)


Back in the days young people flocked on social media platform called Mxit. Being in a relationship those days was a click of a button, majority of us young man would find ourselves in love with girls we never met before. Life was easy all one had to do was to invite and reinvite using a different name.

Photo cred: Keke

These days fun and happy is all gone, young people are living the life of pictures and bragging. Instead of making friendships on the net, a young lady who used to be loved by many on mxit has been found. After years and years going since, a young man on social media asked about this girl.

Without a warning she popped on his TL claiming that she is still around. People were left in awe seeing how beautiful our Queen is today. Lost of us young man would take our last cash to buy Mxit ladies airtime. Only to cheat going through without airtime. Life was better and stress free, being in a relationship was way better than today.

No e-wallet or asking what job are you doing. All that they would ask is airtime for 5rand to last them a month. Like share and follow back of you remember those days.

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