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'See how these matured ladies battle with each other in a busy road

"How shall we call this?" We may learn a lot by observing how these seasoned ladies interact on the roads.

The involvement of two mature adults with a deeper awareness of life's complexities raises serious concerns. It's not worth getting into a fistfight with a complete stranger for nothing.

Many people across Africa, including many individuals in South Africa, today see street fighting as normal and cultural, despite the risks involved and the ways in which it violates the rights of others. On the other hand, I'd like to use this opportunity to implore every South African to seek peaceful resolutions to disagreements through negotiation and compromise rather than resorting to physical force.

Following is a story concerning two female characters. As a result of the internet, women can now watch videos. After they were captured on camera striking each other in the face, the incident quickly became a viral sensation. The problem did not start until after he fell from the ceiling and landed in the center of the road.

As the woman in white and black pushed her opponent, conflict erupted. Immediately, a heated altercation broke out, drawing the attention of onlookers.

Unfortunately, several of our South African colleagues have shown this attitude. Instead of physically separating two combatants, we considered the possibility of filming their encounter.

Just like the internet, this is the battlefield.

Just what are your available choices at this point?


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