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5 Signs That Show That She Truly Love You And Won't Take You Fro Granted

1. She might be unhappy if you are having a bad day emotionally. While a woman can be in love with you, she can also have an emotional attachment to you. When a man is going through a difficult phase in his life, a woman who loves him will always be by his side. Most of the time, girls with these qualities tend to make good wives.

2. She responds to your texts quickly and efficiently. Another clue that a woman is actually in love with you is if she replies to your texts regularly. When a woman always replies to your texts, it indicates that she considers you and enjoys talking to you.

This typical sign can also be used to identify a woman who is not interested in you. If a lady doesn't love you as much as she claims to, she will hesitate to respond to your texts.

3. She will no longer want to be seen with other men. Most women who adore their partner and enjoy their relationship won't feel the need to flirt with other men. A woman who truly loves you will find that seeing her flirt with another man will annoy and infuriate you, which is undesirable.

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