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‘Anyone who gives you certain conditions to prove your love doesn’t love you' -says Adofoli

‘Anyone who demands that you meet specific requirements to prove your love does not love you,' says Adofoli, a relationship counselor.

Counselor Frank Adofoli, a Ghanaian counselor, has stated that someone who requires another person to fulfill certain conditions in order to prove his or her love does not truly love that person.

This was made public by the well-known relationship counselor in a recent post he published on his official social media profile on the major social media platform, Facebook.

According to him, if you truly love someone, allowing them to be who they want should be the most important factor in making you content.

The post that he made reads:

It is not love if someone needs to coerce, push, or plead you into doing anything to satisfy them, or if they impose specific conditions on you in order to prove their feelings for you. If you truly care about someone, allowing them to be who they want should be the most important factor in your happiness.

No two partners will ever be the same; they will always be distinct from one another. What one person likes and dislikes may be the same thing as what the other person dislikes. Everyone is unique, with their own specific job on the planet, as well as their own distinct upbringing, and so on. But love is impervious to such things; love is preoccupied with helping the other."



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