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Man Finds Plastics Containing Weird Substances In His Girlfriends Bag

Relationships are all about transparency and openness. When two people come together and decide that they want to be in a relationship, they automatically vow to be open with one another. They share their love with everyone and look out for one another.

Secrecy in a relationship is something that can destroy a beautiful union and also do things behind your partner's back. Like getting involved in things that are considered witchcraft. A lot of young people these days, especially women, seem to be getting into the habits that women back in the days did, like using herbs and powders on men they love so that they can stay with them longer.

It seems like this is what is happening with this man after he found weird substances in his girlfriend's bag. The substance was wrapped inside a small plastic bag and when he opened it, it looked like some African herbs. The person went to social media after taking pictures to show people what it was he found and wondered what it could be in the first place. Many people in the comment section started saying that it could be that the girlfriend is using witchcraft on the boyfriend. Some were bothered by why he would search his partner's bag.

These days, it seems like women carry weird substances with them around, and it might get them in trouble because many people might label them as witches. What would you do if you found things like this in your girlfriend's bag? How would you react if you found out she was using it on you?

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