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What are the signs of a boring relationship?

Relationships are tricky things. Sometimes, they make you feel like the happiest person in the world. And at other times, they spiral you back onto the ground and make you wonder if you even want to be in one. Do you feel like you’re getting bored with your relationship?

Relationships are not just about going with the flow. They require effort, energy, and sometimes hard work. But that is what makes an amazing relationship worth it. So, if you’re seeing these signs of a boring relationship, it’s time to get to work.

The thing is, once you get comfy, sitting around binging Netflix and eating pizza, things can get boring. Now that may sound like a perfect date to you, but when there is zero effort being put into the relationship on both sides, it can get monotonous fast.

Almost always, boredom sets into a relationship because you didn’t do anything to prevent it.

Are you bored with your relationship?

You may have been in love for a long time. For a few, it may take months, and for many others, it may take a few years. But at some point in your love life, you may wonder if you’re really actually happy being in the relationship.

So why does that happen?

You didn’t plan on falling out of love, but it just happened. Perhaps you wake up one morning and you’re just not interested in staying in love anymore. You could push the thought aside and continue on in your relationship, or you could jump into an affair with someone sexy and fun. You could do any of those, and more.

But before you actually go blaming love and its mysterious ways that led to the downfall of your present relationship, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Why are you really bored? What do you want to do about it? And most importantly, what are the reasons why you got bored of your relationship?

Once you understand why you’re getting bored with your relationship, you can prevent it from ever happening again.

And unless you truly understand the reasons behind the boredom, you’ll never really be able to enjoy a happy relationship without a bit of drama and boredom now and then.

Does boredom mean the end of the relationship?

No! You can make changes to your relationship and fix whatever you’re becoming bored about. But, you need to make sure that you communicate with your partner and get to the bottom of what the issue really is. 

The truth is, everyone gets bored in a relationship occasionally. It’s actually very normal. It’s all too easy to get far too comfortable and one or both of you starts making less effort than before.

If that carries on and nothing is done about it, that’s when the issue can become terminal.

But, if you sit up and take notice, it doesn’t have to be the end. If anything, it might turn out to be a catalyst for change that could make your relationship super-fun! 

So don’t panic or feel worried if you’re starting to feel a little stuck in a rut with your relationship. Consider it a wake-up call.

What are the signs of a boring relationship?

Before getting into the details, a boring relationship does not necessarily mean a bad relationship. With a little care, love, and passion it can be fun again.

But, what are the signs that your relationship is starting to become a little yawn-some?

1. Routine

Routines are great for jobs, pets, and children, but having a routine with your partner does not yell romance, passion, or fun.

Planning a date night every Friday is good, but if you go to the same place over and over and order the same food, things get dull.

2. You have the same fights

If your fights always lead back to the same topic, like you never do anything fun anymore, we’re sorry to break it to you, but your relationship is boring.

If you fight over what movie to watch and who has to clean the bathroom this week, you are probably snoring your way through this courtship.

3. You’re glued to your phone

The spark in a relationship doesn’t last forever. Even before smartphones and the internet, that was the case. This technology comes with even more distractions.

Here’s one of the clearest signs of a boring relationship for you. If you are laying in bed and both haven’t spoken a word or looked up from your screen, something is not quite right there.

If you are tagging each other in memes while sitting next to each other rather than actually talking, you may need to get your priorities straight!

Start by admitting that you’re seeing the signs of a boring relationship in your own “perfect” romance.

4. You don’t talk about your feelings

When you first start dating, you have butterflies, you’re giddy, and you share how excited you are. Although it can be nice to have the comfort of a long-term relationship, once you are used to that person, you stop sharing because you think they already know.

If you haven’t said “I love you,” had a meaningful discussion, or talked about your feelings lately, it doesn’t mean something is wrong. It could mean you are in a rut.

You expect your partner to know you so well at this point that taking the time to share things just doesn’t seem necessary.

5. Your bed is for sleeping only

Sex or some sort of physical connection is one of the most vital parts of a healthy relationship. This is what set your spark off in the first place and it is what helps passion continue.

So if all you do in bed is sleep and swipe through your phone, you are officially in a boring relationship.

6. You dream of doing things together, but never actually do them

This is a clear sign that your relationship has become far too comfortable and a little boring. You might have dreams of going places with your partner and you might even talk about them together, but do you actually do them?

If not, ask yourselves why. You’ve become stuck in a rut and you’re far too comfortable to move. But, ruts are boring! 

7. You compare your relationship to your friends’ relationships

If you’re regularly looking at the relationships your friends have and wishing that yours could be more like theirs, that’s a pretty strong sign that your love life has become boring.

It’s human nature to compare to a degree, but you should never look at someone else’s relationship and feel bad about your own. We’re all different and our unions are equally as unique.

If you’re always wondering why your relationship leaves you feeling bored and lacking in excitement, it’s time to shake things up

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