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My friend found this in his Girlfriend's handbag it is alleged to be Isi-dliso

My Friend found this inside of his girlfriend, after she visited home from the village of Limpopo Phalaborwa (Lulekani village) the guy didn't suspect a think after his girlfriend came home. The guy said "it was unusual for me to just search my girlfriend handbag" he claims he never searched or went through her personal stuff such as phone and handbag.

The day he found such Muthi inside the handbag, he had a very horrible feeling and he said that " it only happens when something bad is about to happen.

The things found inside the bag it is alleged to be what is know as, isi-dliso. What or how can you define this? Isi-dliso it is usually used to brain wash someone mind and admit or submit to one specific individual. It is very dangerous because some people end up losing their minds athen go crazy permanently.

Now people use this to take charge in the house it is usually used by women, and the other things Found there goes hand in hand with the other Muthi.

People should be careful of humans that uses Muthi, they can be dangerous and temper with someone conscious.

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Isi-dliso Limpopo Phalaborwa Muthi


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