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Our Perfect Wedding bride angers viewers as she wears traditional blanket wrong

Yesterday's episode of our perfect wedding followed the Mkhonzas. Nolwazi and Calvin met in 2005 however they both live separately. Nolwazi lives in Newcastle while Calvin lives in Johannesburg the couple revealed that was the only hindrance in their relationship as they don't get to spend time together as they would like to.

Their wedding was classy and perfect. The bride's attires were amazing intact everything in this wedding was well organised. The bride indeed has a beautiful smile, the groom revealed it was what attracted him mostly. The couple compliment each other very and their personalities work well together.

Despite their wedding being beautiful however viewers spotted wrong. The blanket the bride wore on the introduction is called Umbhalo. It is mostly used in the Ndebele culture, it is only worn by a married woman, even so there are ways in which the woman wears it. The colours must be worn in a way that the colours signify that she is married.

Most Ndebele speaking people found it disrespectful that the bride didn't research on how she should be wearing the blanket. Some people are very sensitive when it comes to their culture, another user even said probably the blanket should come with a manual on how it should be worn.

Probably the bride didn't know there's a way in which the blanket should be worn. Another user complained that she displayed the wrong side of the blanket. So in actual fact the bride wore it extremely wrong.

A few weeks ago Idol's judge corrected a contestant on the show when she made wrong pronounciation to a native language song. Unathi emphasized on how people should respect our languages. It seems this is how the Ndebele people felt with how the bride was wearing their traditional blanket. South Africa is a diverse county with so many different cultures and there's nothing wrong with taking something wrong all cultures, however when you want to try a culture you aren't familiar with, do research. Find how things how worn or even how words are pronounced.

How it should be worn

How the bride wore it

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