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Wedding planning scene

Young South African couple got laughed at on their wedding day after they did this

A wedding is a final step in for two people to prove that they really love each other. Weddings are held in different ways amongst many traditions.

Africans are well known for going big on their weddings. They invite all family members and friends dress very nicely and cook nice foods on the wedding ceremony. However not everyone likes big weddings as they can be time consuming and expensive as well.

A certain young couple has gone viral after they shared pictures of their wedding. The couple got married in court wearing the simplest clothes possible. The looked so happy on the photos as they shared a picture holding their marriage certificate in their hands.

This however did not go well with most people. People thought being married secretly like that can be a red flag in any marriage. On the other hand although some people supported their wedding they were of the opinion that there was no excuse for them not to dress up.

The clothes were kind of too simple for a wedding and they should have considered hiring a gown if they wanted to save money juts so they look elegant on their wedding day.

However some people actually applauded them for having a court wedding. It saved them a lot of money and a lot of wedding drama. Most families clash on family weddings which may end up resulting in physical fights. Some just come to weddings for the food and never bother to give the couple a present so this usually affect the newly wedded couple. after making sure that everyone is happy and catered for they end up in debt and stressed out so a court wedding might be ideal

Marriage is a union between two people therefore the two can decide on any type of wedding they want. They chose what is comfortable with them and also affordable as long as they are happy.

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