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Divorce Affair

10 Things That Destroys Marriage

Marriage is a previously or legally recognized union between a man and a woman. It is the foundation of society and is also known as matrimony or wedlock. It is the union of two mature people who understand each other.

Today's divorce rate is alarming. Most of the time, you'd have to wonder if these are the same people who loved themselves. It's amazing how two people who once loved each other can develop such hatred for each other that the only language they understand is DIVORCE.

There are some elements that couples should not allow or remove from their marriage in order for it to be sweet. Importantly, it is not the responsibility of one person to make a marriage work; both parties must be selfless for their marriage to be enjoyable.

Here are some things that couples should avoid:

1. Laziness: This is one of the factors that destroys marriages. Both parties must accept and live up to their responsibilities. A man, like a woman, must be aware of his or her responsibilities. Laziness in marriage can lead to a lack of money in the home, and money is one of the most important aspects of marriage.

2. Suspicion or Lack of Trust: Marriage should be between two people who know who they are. There is no reason to enter into a marriage without first developing trust with your partner. It can lead to excessive suspicion, which can lead to hatred and, ultimately, the death of the marriage.

3. A lack of mutual respect: People should learn to set boundaries. Recognize when you are being cruel and selfish to your spouse. The man should respect his wife; as a man, you should be flexible rather than rigid. Recognize when your wife is weak and when you are oppressing her. The wife must also learn to respect her husband. Respect each other's feelings, regardless of who brings in the money or who builds the house.

4. Lack of forgiveness: Husband and wife must recognize that they are two distinct entities and must learn to forgive. Any marriage that does not include misunderstanding is a forgery. Is either if the person in question is faking his or her life. When people become real, there must be some confusion. Overall, your spouse should learn to forgive and remember the love you both shared at first.

5. Secrecy or Lack of Openness: Secrecy or lack of openness to your spouse is the death of a marriage. As a man, inform your wife of your movements, business, and commitments; the same goes for the wife. Let your spouse know if you're having emotional problems; after all, that's why you're married.

6. Lies: Always tell the truth to one another.

7. Lack of enjoyable sex: Do not deprive your partner of enjoyable sex. It led to cheating, which led to divorce. Sex is the most enjoyable ingredient in a marriage because it brings the people involved together.

8. Lack of communication: It is possible to be married without communicating with your spouse. Don't say you don't like too much talking when your spouse is a parrot, which you should have known before getting married. Don't let love blind you to the point of marrying someone who doesn't understand your personality type.

9. Do not be too close to your family, especially your wife.

10. Excessive and careless talking destroys marriages

When the above elements are not permitted in marriage, the current rate of divorce in our society will decrease.

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