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Lady Who Posted Her Dad Got In Trouble After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep In The Picture.

The reactions to this image of a woman with man-made brainpower are the most varied, regardless of how much praise is shown. @BuhleMahlangu14, a Twitter user, found herself into problems after she decided to remark with a photo she snapped with her male companion. With inscription:

"At the start of today, my work father handed me R200 only for being pretty." What a fantastic way to begin the conclusion of my long week.

Tweeos couldn't stand it any longer and had to tell her the truth about something she didn't want to mention. People have been thinking about it, and some have even gone so far as to divulge everything about her relationship with the man she claims to be her collaborator. Many people know that the lady is dating a friendly promoter and that she is hesitant to come out in the open about it, despite the fact that she continues to claim that they are both engaging.

As shown by the lady, her boyfriend, whom she affectionately refers to as "work father," gave her R200 simply for being beautiful. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with dating an older person... we're not going to judge you. There are a number of young women who prefer to date older people because of their experiences and life experiences.

As a result of seeing the comments that his supporters have made and continue to make, she has not yet sat down to deal with them. "Quit being horrible, we share a family name, thus he claims I'm his daughter because I'm the same age as his last considered go clean ur foul mind," the inscription reads.

The young lady confirms that she has the same last name as the individual and is the same age as his daughter. Some tweeps observe that his young lady has been mentioning R20 mtn communicated arrangement for a long time, but he's contributing $200 to work young girl since he needs a couple.

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