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"I wish someone could stop my dad from taking selfies & uploading them on WhatsApp" one shared

Social media is a big part of many young people's social and creative lives. A lot of young people in their youth use social media to have fun, make and maintain friendships, share interests, explore identities and develop relationships with family. There are so many benefits of using this particular app and even Older people are using. 

Sometimes children really don't like to see their parents embarrassing themselves on this particular app and we have been seeing many of them complaining on other social media sites. A young lady recently took to social media to share how her father likes taking selfies and posting them on his whatsapp status and wanted to stop him. 

"I wish someone could stop my dad from taking selfies and updating his whatsapp status😭😭😭 i am really not happy with the whole situation. 🤞". How do feel about your parents being on social media? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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