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Ladies Be Careful Of This Man When You See Him || See What He Did To Other Women

Date : 24 May 2022

We are living in a time where anything is possible and people no longer hesitate to even commit crimes in order to get money so that they can survive. The number of people who are actually falling for scams really proves that people are no longer safe at all. A warning has been sent to women specifically to be vigilant around the man who is said to be targeting women only in order to get money. It is reported that the man identified as " Junior Messiah Munyai" is targeting rich women in order to be able to get money.

Photos of him have been circulating as women are being warned to be careful around him. It is said that he approaches women and tell them that he is inlove with them and most importantly he tells them that he is businessman. It is said that he targets women who are working with hope that they will give him money. What is more shocking is that he targets many women at the same time and tells them that he is businessman. It is said that he usually go around driving cars that belong to the women that he is dating.

Apparently he expects women to give him money as they are dating however they do that because he threatens them. Two women were reported to have been threatened to be killed by him if they do not give him the money. Women are being warned to refrain from getting into a relationship if they still value their lives. It is reported that he has been doing this to many women for a long time. They are only fortunate that they did not lose their lives along the way.

Many women have been painfully killed by such men who are heartless. It is better to do a background check before dating a person and most importantly giving them access to the money. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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