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Dear ladies. Once a man shows you these 10 signs, He does not love you It is time to move on

Relationships can be daunting, you love this man but he is giving you mixed feeling of what he wants. According to research, these are the signs that he is not into you, it is time for you to move on -

  1. He never text or call you. You always the one who does all the communication. He just never initiates the communication.
  2. You always the one who makes plans. A man who loves you will ensure that he makes time and plans to spend with you. If you find yourself having to ask when and where are seeing each other again. He probable doesn't want to spend time with you.
  3. It is just about the deed / sex for him. After the deed, he becomes uninterested again.
  4. You have not met his friends or family.
  5. He is a stranger you. A man that loves you will open up to you and talk openly about his background, family, and future plans. If he cannot do that, then it is time to move on.
  6. He is not interested in knowing your likes and dislikes or plans.
  7. He keeps cancelling, when you have made plans.
  8. He says he wants a casual relationship
  9. He does not touch you in the public
  10. He is not present in your important events, such as birthday parties


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