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" This Is Why We Stay In Abusive Relationships " - Victims Share Horrific Details


Have you ever wondered why victims of abusive relationships stay with the same partner who puts them through hell but for some reason, they never leave? Why is it that they tolerate abuse for a long time and somehow blame themselves for being made punching bags?

The South African law is against Gender-Based Violence and protects victims of abuse, but sometimes, the same victims go back to the same abusive relationship because they believe that their partners love them and were only 'disciplining' them.

It is shocking how some young women joke about abuse when they relate it to their friends, believing that if a man beats them up, he truly loves them. They even get excited when their partner is jealous, thinking that this is enough proof that they own their lover's heart.

Controversial Twitter user @adovovBarryRoux has asked his followers the big question, "Why do women stay in an abusive relationship? " He added that it cannot be money because some of the men that abuse women do not have a penny.

His followers came up with different reasons, some suggesting that the victims are attached to their abusers and that they believe that there is no better love elsewhere. However, what is more, interesting is what the hell victims have shared.

They all have one thing in common and say that they always have hope that their lover will be the same person that he was on the first day that they met, no matter how many flaws that their partners see in them or the emotional abuse that they put them through.

Others say that they lacked self-love, and loved their partner more than they love themselves. They add that no matter how abusive their partners are, they fear getting killed by the same abusive partner should they leave, who will be seeking revenge. And because they are poor and have nowhere else to go, desperation keeps them with their partners. They fear being judged by their peers or seeming like they failed in their marriage.

Author's Opinion

People are going through a lot out there. If only there were companies that mainly deal in helping survivors by finding them and their children a safe place to stay and giving them a job. Manipulation is where abuse starts, where the abuser tells a vulnerable person that they are nothing without them. Toxic relationships never get better. Get out before you lose yourself!

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