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Men Who Have Been Childhood Best Friends, Welcome Firstborn Daughters Three Days Apart

Good friends always celebrate and feel proud of their buddies whenever they achieve great and new milestones in their lives.

It was a wonderful coincidence.

It's always a pleasant feeling to celebrate with those close to you, generally known as friends, whether it's career-related or just family-related.

These two best friends, who have been friends since childhood, recently had the opportunity to celebrate each other's victory in a very short period of time.

Odane Watt and his best friend, Brandon Green, are the newest daddies in history, having received their titles three days apart.

Watt informed his friend Green of his pregnancy, but he did not expect to hear the same news from the other side.

"I was astonished because it's not like it's something we've talked about, having kids so close in age," says the mother.

Watt revealed that Green, 27, was ecstatic when he learned that his wife, like him, was having their first child together.

separated by three days. The two friends were aware that they were ready to become fathers and had discussed it. They never talked about or planned to have children who were close in age.

After their wives gave birth to their firstborn daughters, they were both surprised with wonderful gifts.

Watt previously stated that he preferred baby boys, but after finding that his friend Green was also expecting a daughter, he changed his mind and was overjoyed.

“I was even more excited because my daughter got a girl bestie,” Watt said.

Green and his wife had been told that their daughter would be born via caesarean section at a young age.

When she went into labor, Green's pal Watt and his companion, Tammianna Brown, were caught off guard.

After several hours of labor with no progress, the physicians concluded that an emergency caesarean section would be the best option for Brown and the baby.

Azalea Watt was born on June 4th, in the wee hours of the morning. Baby Arihanna Green was delivered three days later, on June 7, also via caesarean section.

Because it was a win for both families, who have a close friendship tie, the deliveries made the buddies and their spouses extremely happy.

Watt and Green have been friends since they were children. They grew up together in Kingston, Jamaica, in the same neighborhood.

They've been there for each other on some of life's most pivotal occasions.

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