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Suspicious Lady Woke Her Up 10pm, Asked Him To Place His Spoon On His Head And Take A Photo

A Nigerian guy has revealed his conversation with a suspicious lover, who requested that he lay a spoon on his head and email her a photo of the result.

It was seen throughout their conversation that the girlfriend made repeated inquiries to know the location of her boyfriend, despite the fact that they were not in close proximity to one another.

To be sure he wasn't lying, she even asked him to perform a funny stunt in front of her in order to prove it to her.

According to what was seen, the girlfriend instructed her lover to send a picture of himself to her merely because she could hear the voices of several girls in the background when she dialled the phone ab initio.

With instant effect, the boyfriend emailed a photograph of himself at home, saying that the noises his girlfriend had heard were the voices of his sisters.

Nonetheless, the girlfriend insisted that he pose for a photo with a "short spoon" she was aware he had at his house so that she could be persuaded he was genuinely at home, and the lover boy replied positively, which helped to ease her anxieties.

Angered by this, the boyfriend reprimanded his fiancée, telling her she should get over her anxieties.

"Listen, you can't wake me up at 10 p.m. and start driving me insane; I've put up with your anxieties for far too long, and now it's time to call it quits."

To verify that I am at home, you will instruct me to take a picture with my landlady the following day.

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