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OPINION: This woman's insecurities are a threat to her own life - See what she did to her partner

We always hear about red flags and the signs of someone who is drawing you into a toxic relationship, but there are things that we have to see for ourselves and realise that they are not healthy without being told.

Sometimes you are forced to leave some people not because they do not make you happy, but for the way that they behave around you. Some people can be dangerous in relationships, and they might even pose as threats in their own lives. You have no choice but to leave them when it comes to that point.

I came a cross screenshots of a conversation that took place between a man and his girlfriend. The boyfriend was sleeping when he received a phone call from his girlfriend at 22:00. The girlfriend might have suspected something as she asked him where he was via WhatsApp, and he told her that he was home. She did not believe him, so she asked him to take a photo of himself holding a spoon. The boyfriend took a photo with a fork instead, and the lady's suspicions were aggregated as she thought the reason why he took that photo with a fork is because it was the closest thing to where he was, so she asked him to take another photo holding a tea spoon that she is familiar with. The man did as told and his girlfriend was satisfied as she responded with an "I love you text."

After being forced to prove yourself like that, you start wondering whether you are with the right person or not. The guy told her that what she is doing is unfair and maybe next time she will ask him to take a photo of his landlady just to prove that he is home. The mention of his landlady took them back to where they came from as the girlfriend told him that he was not supposed to mention her because he knows how beautiful she is, and he knows how she keeps staring at him. She then asked him to take photo of his surroundings and the poor guy chose to take a photo of his bed. She was not satisfied, so she ended up asking for a video call but the man chose to ignore those calls because he already had enough of her.

I believe that she is not a safe person to be in a relationship with. A person like this is not only dangerous for the relationship but she also poses a threat to her own life.

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