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Husband and wife relationship

Man leaves wife with nothing after selling all the property so he could buy booze

Relationships are quiet complex and every relationship has a problem of its own. 

One thing that is true about a relationship - you can never change a person. 

When you meet an alcoholic, you must live with the fact that you have an alcoholic for a partner. 

That is the unfortunate case involving a woman whose husband sold everything in his matrimonial home so that he could feed his alcohol problem. 

Narrating her ordeal to a website, the wife said her husband had a well paying job and he was also very supportive towards her and the children. 

"One Saturday night my husband came home late. When I asked him where he had come from he almost slapped me. He had no phone, wallet and his other crucial credentials like the ATM card. He was drunk to an extend that he could not even walk upright. He fell by our sitting room way and peed by his clothes," she narrated. 

That is when the drama started and by her words, she knew she was dealing with a bigger problem. 

Due to the alcohol addiction the man started selling everything including the children's video games. 


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