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Husband and wife relationship

Dear married woman, if your husband does not pay bills and satisfy you: You are single – LADY says

A US-based Kenyan model has become has caused quite a stir on social media after she posted her message warning married women to bolt out of their marriages if their husbands are broke or no longer satisfy them in bed. Send him back to his father's so that he can learn how to be a husband again. I just want to clarify so that this post doesn't offend the responsible man, if this post offends you then you are useless she added.

However, several men were offended by her statement coming in drove to explain that marriage is 50-50 as the laws encourage equality in society in most countries except a few Muslim countries.

Dunia Godwin Abu replied: Vawulence against men activated if you a husband by the title they are coming for you. Better to live in a self-contain apartment that you pay for than to live in a mansion owned by a woman. It's obvious that the era of lazy husbands is over, they will throw you out without mercy, I love this gender.

Nkechi Mgbor wasn't impressed either she wrote: If women heed this advice 70% of the men will be thrown to the streets. We already have enough Street beggars and bandits to deal with

Chinecherem Ngene vehemently disagrees she wrote: I pity ladies who take advice from social media, That's how women may end up shouting at their husbands that I won't take nonsense from any man.

What do you think , should man be soley responsible for paying bills and make women happy in marriage ?


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