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Girls mind the men you date: See what a man said HE'LL do to his babe as soon as he gets a good job

Keep an eye on the males you're interested in, ladies! Check out what a man claimed he would do to his sweetheart as soon as he landed a nice job...

As soon as I acquire a good job, I'll dump my fiancée and start dating people who are more like me - Man with adwenfi declares emphatically.

As soon as he finds a better job that pays well and is more fulfilling, a guy going by the Twitter handle @SipheBravo has brazenly declared his plan to dump his girlfriend and start dating someone of his own kind.

In a blog post explaining why he plans to go this route, the young guy claims that he is not obligated to the lady just because he was trapped with him when he was penniless.

Since his taste buds are prone to change, he argues that it is equally possible for his fiancée to leave him for a man who is far more financially stable than he is.

To put it another way, he says:

The fact that my girlfriend believes I'm going to marry her and that we'll live happily ever after is beyond comprehension. As soon as I acquire a solid career, I'm going to dump her and start dating people that are similar to me TF.

People need to understand that we are not obligated to remain with them indefinitely simply because they were with us when we were in financial difficulty..."

See his exert words below 👇:

“I can’t believe my girlfriend really think that I’m gonna marry her and we’ll live happily ever after. Soon as I get a decent job I’mma leave her and start dating my types TF.

People need to understand that we’re not entitled to be with them forever just because they were with us when we were broke…”



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