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Dear Ladies, Don't Accept A Man's Proposal If He Does Not Assure You Of These Five Things

It is not enough for a lady to receive a proposal from a man and have her finger adorned with a ring. You must know where the adventure between you and him will conclude. A proposal ring isn't always the start of a journey to the wedding altar, and being banded with a proposal ring isn't always the start of a journey to the wedding altar.

Before she can safely say yes to a proposal and stretch her finger to be ringed with the symbol of engagement, a lady must prepare herself with some promises. This is necessary to avoid conveying a heartfelt story in the long term.

1. The first assurance in this regard is the guy's readiness to marry at the same time you are. It's one thing for you to be prepared at that time; it's quite another for him to inform you it won't be that time.

This implies that the two of you must come to an agreement on when you will both be ready to go on the voyage of a lifetime. This will prevent you from putting undue strain on each other while also allowing you to resist extanal pressure.

People who are concerned to know when you will get married after seeing you with a proposal ring can be easily held at bay by external pressure.

2. The acceptability of his parents is another assurance a lady needs from her man. You must have met his parents, siblings, and even some of his extended family members by now.

It's crucial to know how his parents and family members reacted to you. Some parents play a significant role in their son's choice of mate. They essentially choose the type of lady he should marry for him. Before you may confidently accept your man's proposal, he must assure you of his parents' approval for your union.

3. Marriage philosophy is the third point to consider. What are his views on marriage? Is he going to follow in his parents' footsteps or forge his own path in marriage? Some families follow a set of rules when it comes to operating a household.

If you date a guy whose parents split household expenditures and costs, there's a good chance he'll follow in his parents' footsteps. Don't get me wrong: it's not a bad thing for a woman to take on financial responsibilities in her marriage, but it can't be forced.

It must be the result of a willing heart. This is something you should learn before diving headfirst into a proposal.

4. Compatibility is another assurance you need from him. This isn't a question and answer situation. It is something you learn about each other throughout the course of your days or months together.

Something should tell you that you are not compatible for each other if you dispute over almost anything and can't seem to find common ground on matters. You will simply dribble yourself into a damning corner if you accept his proposal.

5. Finally, you must agree on how your marriage will be run and the number of children you will have. You must decide what kind of future he envisions for the two of you. Will he still let you work and advance your profession, or will he simply turn you into a full-time housewife?

These are things you need to settle on before thinking of accepting a marriage proposal from him.

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