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5 Signs He pretends to Love you

1) He wants to keep you/the relationship a secret

if a man loves you there is absolutely no way he will want to keep you a secret or be kept a secret

in fact he will get offended if your family and friends don’t know about him.

2) You are not sure of your place in his life

if a man loves you, you will just know.

if he is telling you he loves and you are still unsure of your place in his life, it’s a sign that he is pretending to be in love with you.

3) He never talks about the future with you

imagine being in love with someone and not wanting them to be around forever if he loves you, you will find yourself in his future

he will say more of “we”, “our” and less of “mine” and “I”

4) Your family and friends don’t like him

our family and friends are a lot more perceptive than we give them credit for.

these are people who have known you all your life/a long time cared about you that long, believe is or not they know you and have a good idea what’s good for you.

5) He’s unavailable when you need him

apart from a lot of the things we enjoy when we are in a relationship with someone. One of the things we enjoy is that they are usually available when we need them to be.

So if you are with a man who is never available when you need him, chances are he is just pretending to be in love with you.

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