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6 Important things Guys Should Avoid doing for their girlfriends

Here are 6 things a man shouldn't do to please his . It is every man's responsibility to make his wife happy and contented. They indeed deserve to be treated well. But as a man, you should know that you should avoid doing bad things to please your wife. I'm going to share with you some of the things a man shouldn't do to please his wife.

1. Take her to places she can pay for. As a man, it is good to pamper your wife by buying her gifts and even going shopping. However, remember to set a limit to avoid financial problems in the future that could lead to bankruptcy. Just understand that your wife cannot offer you to stay with you if you are broke. She will just leave him and go to someone else who can please her. financial needs.

2. Forget about your dreams. Everyone has dreams and goals that they must fulfil before meeting their soulmate. Never stop chasing your dreams to please your wife. Sometimes you can offer them to pay the school quotas, but make everything happen.

3. Give her money for no good reasons.

Money is a something to take for granted. Giving out money to your girlfriend for no reasons might end up killing your relationship.

4. Dapper yourself family. It is known that women are very manipulative, especially if you find out that their men can do everything possible to stay so they stay. A woman uses the advantage and starts to show him how bad. The only people who worry are the members of their families. So make sure you keep strong links with your family.

5. Commit a crime for them. If your wife has an expensive lifestyle and you can afford to keep it up, let her know. You must not engage in illegal activities such as robbery and drug trafficking to please her. If you are incarcerated for a crime, she will run away from you, so be careful not to do anything that you will regret for the rest of your life.

6. Give him his hard-earned money regularly. As a man, you have to give your lady money if necessary or urgently. You must not let your love for her destroy your financial situation, which can make you poor; Make it clear to her that even if you share your little money with her, it is because of the sacrifice you made. ruin your life in the end. Here are some things you shouldn't do to your wife. Remember that we must all please God alone. For more informative articles, click the button at the bottom of your phone.

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