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These lady was insulted on Twitter because she posted this, see the photos. [Opinion]

It is in men's propensity to dependably look for consent before they pick when to meet their friends and family. This is on the grounds that they recognize that ladies have plans of their own as well, so the ramifications of asking going before settling on a choice is to ensure that you don't meddle with their timetable. 

In any case, there is a woman who could manage without the way that a man needs to inquire, "When am I seeing you?" She recognizes that a man needs to make a game-plan, and he is the person who needs to get things rolling. She says a man needs to save supper spot, book her a flight, and imprudently text, "I'm outside." She needs him to set up spa designs and sort out picnics. She says there isn't anything that messes with her in excess of a man who inquires, "When am I seeing you?" 

This tweet didn't stay well with the ones who were getting it, which is the clarification one of them began making the end that this young lady who calls herself 'Lue Mfobo' through online media is only a slayqueen. She might have managed without being known as a slayqueen or a jobless individual who is dependably open, which is the clarification she let him in on that she shouldn't be utilized in light of the fact that she is staying aware of her own business. She in like way let him in on that he doesn't seem like somebody who ought to be worried by her tweet since for individuals can manage the cost of that sort of life. 

Different men recognize that a rich Lue has got nothing to present in a relationship. They in like way recognize that a particular like her has "slut*sh lead." 

Somebody let her that in on she referencing won't promise her a glad, serene and solid relationship. They besides figure she will no doubt get free food with various men. Men could manage without the way that ladies need happiness to the shortcoming.

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