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Old Man Was Getting Down Low, Watch What Happened As He Was Dancing With A Bottle In His Hand!

There is a saying that says, "Kugug'othandayo“, which I think means that one gets to choose if they want to act their age and evidently, this old man here is still comfortable with doing what most of his peers probably no longer do.

It seems like he was really having fun, he had a bottle of alcohol in his hand and had dance moves for days, I do not remember seeing an old person dancing like that in a long time.

As you might have already seen, he was never going to let the nice times pass him by, I mean, he still has the ability to walk, so I do not think that there would be anything that would stop him from dancing.

He was at some place and it looks like there was some event and there are were also other old people there, but if you can notice there is an old lady who was watching him as he was dancing.

Some people probably thought he was doing what he should not be doing, but who gets to make the rules, though? The old man is allowed to have himself some fun, nobody knows tomorrow, so why should he care about what society thinks.

What is more interesting is how he kept dancing even when the people were walking past him, he was just paying attention to what he was doing.

His eyes were on the camera and as much as some of the people there did not seem that much interested in what he was doing, others were looking at him with a smile on their faces.

This just shows how old people can be able to do if they really want to, the old man probably loves dancing and dances every chance he gets, maybe because he looks fit.

Maybe that is what a lot of people should be encouraged to do more often, so that they can stay active and continue enjoying life, some things should not stop because you are at a certain age.

Now, as he was dancing, you probably could tell that he was not dancing for the sake of dancing, he was dancing because he could. He is probably not the best dancer, but he still managed to do show us what he still can do.

Has your grandfather or grandmother did that lately? Probably not and maybe you should get them to move a little bit, but obviously you cannot if they are too old or cannot get for some reason.

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Kugug'othandayo Old Man


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