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A guy got excited after girlfriend announced her pregnancy but a sad thing happened. See chat

In the world today filled with single mothers it has become rare to find a guy who gets very happy when his girlfriend gets pregnant. This is because a lot of men fear responsibility and therefore they end up running away from their pregnant girlfriends.

A leaked chat between a girl and a boy left a lot of people so emotional and feeling sorry for the guy. In the chat the girl. Confessed to the guy that she was pregnant. The guy was so ecstatic and refused for the girl to say she was pregnant but rather say they we both pregnant since it was both their baby.

He even assured the girl that he would be there for her and could not hide how happy he was. However his celebration was cut short after the girl mentioned to him gat the child was not his.

Upon reading the chat a lot of people had gotten excited and praises the guy for being one in an million but to their disappointed what they expected did not happen.

It was clear that the girl had been cheating on the guy and he had to find out in the most devastating manner.

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