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One thing you should not mention to anybody

Whenever you're in stable relationship ( where you guys!! act like Romeo & Juliet , walking on a street hand in hand ) , you are with your best friend , you are happier than before or you need help on a certain problem , " don't never ever mention about the fights or mistreatment dominating between your parents " because one of the days the same people you told them about it , they'll always tells you about it , in a way which can even embarrasses you even more!!

No matter how much you've trusted your lover , friend or somebody else , don't even mention a word about how your parent always fight , argue or mistreat one another , the best way is for you to call up for meeting between you three ( father , mother & yourself excluding siblings or anyone else who's part of family ) , you don't have to blame your father if he's drunkard and you think he's the one coming up with a fights or mistreatment at home because the reason for him to be drunkard might be the same reason causing all those misunderstandings!!

You must ask both of them that , " when are we going to live in peace?" , there after you left them together just need a small effort you can put , for you to to attract their attention , in results for them to concentrate & for them to be real's only start with you to voice out a word between your parents not to anybody else!!

People can judge you for what's happening at your background , about your parents & yourself not knowing exactly or taking into consideration that where you are coming from it's where you belong but not remain!!

You must play your role which is to know exactly where are you playing it!!

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