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Look at your crush then look at you: you can get your crush

It could be a new crush or someone you have been eyeing for quite some time now and wanting to impress her/ him but just not sure if letting them know it's a good idea or just have nothing in mind to that you think will wow them, well just check few ideas that we believe might wow them

All the things we will mention here means you must be ready to confess your feelings to them after you swept them off their feet

1. Make them notice you

Put yourself out there and be confident as you do, it can be by asking them out, walking with them when you guys are headed to same location. But if the crush is someone in social media it could be major boost for you, compliment her when she/ he post a photo you can say something like "exquisite lady at my favourite place, why haven't we been together there", a joke especially when it is something she is fond of such as their interest, make impression, and slide in but not with just a "hi" be strategic.

2. Engage in the conversation don't make it about you

Take note of what they are saying remain engaged in the conversation don't make it all about you, remember little things that win give you advantage, make eye contact

3. Find out about her passions and interests

know more about her than simply knowing that you are crushing on her/ him

4. Be you

Be yourself don't pretend to be who you are not, do not be a version that you think your crush will like, be authentic.

5. Confess how you feel

When you get to a point that she/ he is exactly who you thought they are, let it all out, express how you feel about them, let them know you are in love with them

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