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Men, Don’t Waste Your Time On A Girl With These 3 Signs

Do you want a relationship devoid of tension? If this is the case, there are a few characteristics you should look for in a woman before you start dating her or continue to pursue her. When a female starts exhibiting you certain indicators, you should quit spending your time on her. These signs go deeper than whether or not she likes you.

It's a fact that women are incredibly astute, and they know exactly what they need to do to keep a man at far and to deter him from chasing them. This is why it takes keen observation to pick up on some of these telltale indicators.

For this reason, men should avoid girls who exhibit the following three characteristics.

She doesn't respond to your your messages for some reason

Not replying to your texts doesn't always imply that a girl is busy or didn't see them; most of the time, it means that she doesn't want to talk to you. A female who does not want to talk to you will not say so explicitly or immediately; instead, she will give you the hint by not responding to your texts, even if she is online and available. To sum it up, if you begin to see this indicator in girls more frequently, it may be best to let go and go on to someone else.

When she needs money, you're the only one she calls.

Getting involved with a female who just calls you for money should be obvious to you. You shouldn't even need advice on how not to waste your time with her. It's a clue that she's only interested in what you can do for her financially and not in you as a person. You'll be wasting your time and money if you keep pursuing a girl who's giving you this sign.

She's always hesitant to accompany you on a public walk.

Unless a woman is proud to be with you, don't waste your time on her. If she just wants to spend time with you privately, don't bother. In other words, she doesn't want anyone to see her with you because she has someone else, she's embarrassed by your presence, or she just doesn't like you. Don't waste your time on a female who has this quality.

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