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Dating Romantic

Happy habits for relationships.

Romance is a way of expressing your love, the icing on the cake.

But don't wait for special occasions to express your love. Be sure to nurture your love relationship by practicing these basic habits in your daily life. These may seem very basic, but how many do you practice regularly? Don't despair , it is never too late to adopt good love habits.

Most couples who come to my consultancy with problems report that their marriage has long lost its romance. It's easy to feel romantic when you live apart and go out together because every moment you spend together is special.

From the moment you start living together, such romantic moments are no longer automatic. Instead, a lot of your time together is spent on more mundane things: doing laundry, doing the dishes, paying the bills, or going to work.

While it may be new, exciting, and fun at first, as soon as the initial novelty of living together wears off, those everyday things stop being exciting and romantic, and you may feel worried that your partner won't care. not as much or is as excited to be with you.

Developing these good relationship habits will make a big difference in your happiness.

Good relational habits

1. Don't resist, listen.

We often have an instinctive negative response to what a partner tells us or wants to do. Instead of responding negatively, "It won't work ", "We can't do this ", Try listening and thinking for a few more seconds.

You may find that your initial response changes, and listening and understanding is not the same as agreeing anyway.

When your spouse feels that you care about what they are saying, the nature of the communication will change for the better.

2. Increase the sweetness.

Married life has its inevitable strains and strains. To keep things in balance, we need to put a little energy into increasing the sweetness between us.

Seriousness, gratitude and gestures of courtesy and affection are the WD-40 of your marriage.

Say "I love you" everyday. Make sure things are going smoothly by not forgetting to add a little sweetness frequently.

You will be amazed at how good you feel and how more responsive your partner is.

3. Kiss goodbye and hello.

Give him a hug while you do it. Affection keeps the juices flowing and the romance alive.

4. Maintain your courtship behavior.

Treat your partner even better than when you were dating. Remember that you are boyfriends. Touch each other. Sit close to your partner and gently place your hand on their shoulder, leg, or arm.

If you are in the car, lightly touch your shoulder or arm. You will see that your conversation becomes warmer and more affectionate.

If you have been struggling or are willing to forgive each other, confronting and holding both hands will help you feel more connected and calm in a positive way.

5. Don't worry about the little things.

You can let your bad habits bother you to distraction or you can accept and avoid them. Does she leave the toothpaste cap on?

Buy separate tubes and leave clothes lying around? Ignore them or pick them up by reminding yourself of everything He does for you in other ways.

Or, make it easier for your partner to satisfy you ,keep clothing baskets and trees within easy reach.

6. Focus on the positive.

Instead of thinking about how he's letting you down, think about all the positive things about your partner that drew you to him in the first place.

7. Take a break when you are angry.

Don't try to talk when either of you is angry. Take a few minutes to walk around the block, lie down, just walk away from each other so you can regroup.

A short break will keep you both on track and discussing what's bothering you instead of accidentally making personal insults that you'll later regret.

8. Don't use your partner's secrets or weaknesses against them ever!

What may seem insignificant, trivial, or cute to you may be serious to your partner. Recognize what is important to your partner and do not discuss it with your friends, your mother, your family, with anyone!

And certainly don't return words to them in an argument. A loving relationship is one of the most intimate and trusting that anyone can have.

9. Think about your partner first.

If you both do this then you can't help but win! Remember that above all, you are partners.

Keep this in mind and check frequently that you are acting as partners, not competitors or avoiders. You're in this business together, and the partnership is what it's all about. Say yes to your partner as often as possible .

Go to that sporting event with him, take him out to that golf course because he loves golf, visit his family, make life easier for your partner, and hopefully they will do the same for you! Reciprocity is the key.

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