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So Touching: Photos Of Young Ladies Who Were Murdered In The Name Of Love

There will always be disagreements in a relationship because no one is completely flawless. In any relationship, we will make mistakes, and instead of shouting and fighting with each other, we should sit down and talk as adult people. We all make mistakes.

The following are the heartbreaking experiences of seven young Kenyan females who have sacrificed their life in the last few years as a result of arguments with their spouses. I hope you will find them inspiring.

1. Lucy Njambi

According to many reports published by reputable sources, the late Lucy Njambi was under the control of an MCA who hired serial murders to suppress her protests. Lucy Njambi's lifeless body was discovered in Kiambu along the Kamiti road, where she was 24 years old.

2. Mercy Keino

An MP from Juja was also there at the dinner party when she was discovered dead, and he has been identified as a potential suspect. The late Keino was allegedly struck numerous times by Mr. Kabogo, according to a witness Ms. Kamemba, when she began yelling at him at the location where the party was taking place, according to her testimony. Even after all these years, the death of a young university student remains a tragedy. After being hit and kicked, Mercy Keino is evicted from the building, according to surveillance footage captured in her dying moments.

3. Edinald Atieno, 23 years

Maxwell Ochieng was responsible for her death. According to the facts that was made public following her death. Her academic studies was financed by the military commander mentioned above. She later dumped the officer after he was informed that he had been fired by the company. Maxwell Ochieng's decision to end her life was mostly motivated by this consideration.


4. Careen Chepchumba, 26 years old,

Careen Chepchumba passed away on February 14, 2012, at her Killimani apartment. Finally, her boyfriend, Luis Otieno, was accused of recruiting thugs to carry out the heinous deed on her behalf. According to government pathologists, she died as a result of significant bleeding from her eyes and neck as a result of the killers' exerted pressure. An archived video of former journalist Luis Otieno testifying in court is available below.

5. Anne Wanjohi, 23-year-old woman.

Simon Njoroge was responsible for her death, which occurred in 2017. According to the accounts that have been published, she is admired for having turned down the marriage proposal of Simon Njoroge, who then shot her in the head.

6. Monica Kimani, 28 years of age

Monica Irungu was found dead at her home in September 2018, with Joey Irungu being the primary suspect. He was apprehended and jailed at the Kamiti maximum prison, however he was freed after a short period of time.

7. Sharon Otieno, 26 years old,

Okoth Obado has been accused of assisting in the murder of Sharon Otieno. There is evidence to suggest that Sharon was raped first, and that she was then stabbed eight times in the neck after that. Sharon's unborn child was killed as a result of the attack on her home.


Ladies should take their time before committing to a romantic relationship.

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Kenyan Kiambu Lucy Njambi


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