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As A Lady, Here Are 4 Things You Should Never Do For A Man You Are Not Married To - Opinion

Women need to play it safe in their relationships and avoid letting emotions rule their judgment. Many women have been emotionally abused in their relationships with boys who claim to love them sincerely but in reality never really had a real bond with them.

Women's feelings like that are successfully abused because they don't know that there are certain things they shouldn't do for a man who they aren't married to. As a woman who values ​​your relationship, you are on the safe side if it fails.

As a woman, were you fooled by these 4 things you shouldn't do for an unmarried man? This is a statement about 5 things you shouldn't do to a man you're not married to.

First, never have sex with him before marriage. Many women have threatened their relationships with the false ideology that sex is the best key to a man's heart. When they try and fail, they realize that the idea was just a misunderstanding. Sex can exist without love, but true love can exist without sex. Regardless of how many orgasms you give a man before marriage, loving you is not a criterion for him.

He can only use you as a sex tool to satisfy his sexual fantasies and eventually bring you down when he is ready to marry a woman who refused to have sex with him before marriage. Regardless of the level of pressure a guy puts on you during sex when he's not married to you, be determined enough to abstain, let him see the virtues in you, and smart enough to use you to lead the altar and put a ring on your finger.

Second, never offer or agree to the idea of ​​using one account with him. Don't completely trust a man who hasn't paid your bridal price, or even put a ring on his finger. Some women may even trust a man to the point that they offer to open a joint account if they are not business partners or employees. This is riskier if the woman has a large or working class bank account. As a woman, you can't imagine what her next step will be. In order to save yourself from risks, it is best not to give in to them.

Also, never use a man you are not married to as next of kin. Father, brother, or other family members are there to cover such a room. People wake up every day with different thoughts, ideas and feelings. You can't accurately predict your next move because you both come from different laps, from different family backgrounds, and have different moral values.

Number four on the list, you shouldn't put a mere boyfriend in a position where they completely decide and control your emotions. Many women are depressed and emotionally traumatized by abusive relationships which have led them on suicidal missions because they are in complete control of one's emotions. Some boys may deliberately choose to play with a woman's feelings just because they know she has put her heart in his hands. Please ladies! Take it into account and save yourself all this unnecessary drama. Keep your emotions safe.

After all, you should not place more importance on an unmarried man than your immediate family. Your immediate family is what is by your side no matter the situation. But for a person who professes his love for you every day, you can't really predict his next move. Therefore, love him for who he is, but never ignore and put that person above your immediate family.

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