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Today he isLoving and Sweet, Tomorrow he is a Beast lady Causes a stir Online

Gender based violence is on people's minds a lot lately, and this is all credited to the number of GBV cases that pop up all over socail media and the news, and the situation is slowly getting out of hand. More and more ladies are coming out openly speaking against the abuse they have endured at the hands of the people that claim to love them.

A lady has come out online to share pictures of what her partner did to her after claiming that he loves her. In the caption of her post she wrote that today he is all loving and caring, and the next day he is a beast, relationships are very hard and based on what she looked like after she her parter beat her you can see why she says that relationships are hard.

It just seems like something just changed in guys lately, and all of a sudden they think that it is cool to beat up on women if they disagree with them on something or just get into an aguement. The fact that a lot of these cases are poping up everywhere almost on a daily basis, it poses a question of whether law enforcement agencies are doing their job because it seems like all these guys do not fear them or getting arrested.


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