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Wedding planning scene

Former Miss SA Marries A Zulu Man

This wedding between a black man and white woman has caused a stir on social media and this has made a lot of people wonder how this union came about considering that there are bits of tensions between blacks and white people at the moment, especially in this country where there is a huge inequality and where we find that most of our land and resources have went into the hands of the Caucasians.

This is a topic that has haunted many members of the public for a very long time, because it is something that has been in the history and will be in the future of ours.

They were doing their traditional dances and ceremonies including putting money on the head or the umbrella of the woman and the groom went on to dance and do their traditional ceremonies so this is something that has caught the attention of many ordinary citizens, who also interest in this kind of set up.

However there are some people amongst our society who would never even consider having an interracial marriage because they feel like it is completely unacceptable and some of their past beliefs may be turning them away from such actions, there is no law against marrying anyone that you like so there is nothing that is stopping anyone from doing this is it pleases you.

People are usually afraid of the social stigma and peer pressure which will be forcing them away from doing what they want but this couple has shown many of us that anything is impossible and you must not limit yourself, it is clear that right now they were doing a traditional wedding and there are chances that they will proceed with the white wedding if they have not already done so which is usually what many black people do when they get married.

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