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Thando talks about leaving her marriage with Syacela (Isencane Lengane)

Thando (17) speaks to Isencane Lengane when she leaves marriage. Her marriage difficulties were spoken about and examined on social media already for two years and she was only seventeen years old.

A number of South Africans who believe she is too young to be married have enriched her story. Their future concerns them, but Isencane Lengane Fame's Thando Msomi says she has a strong plan for her future.

And it's not a polygamous wedding or a man's care, she's ready to tell us.

She said that helping him get to the track of his life after he quit school at grade 9 is not an issue, but is unwilling to be a wife or take care of a man. Thando (17) was married to Siyacela Dlamuka (18) since 2019.

After he claimed that he wanted a second wife on Moja Love showing himself.

"A man ought to be the provider and a woman ought to do so, but not have the whole obligation to preserve the household. I don't want to be in isithembu either.

"I wish to complete my matriculation and study to become an employee. I don't like seeing blood and I can't be a teacher because I don't like talking a lot, so I think social workers would be the best. I don't know how to talk a lot. I want to help people with their difficulties too, and I think I'd be able to achieve so by being a social worker," she says.

As she had visited her shortly before she was married, she understood the usefulness of the social workers. They wanted to make sure she was certain of the decision she made at such a young age to be married.

"I think it was a good concept at that time. I'm no longer so sure, because he's changed."

South Africans have asked her to leave her spouse online.

She asks, "Let him and go where?"

"I see what people say, but don't know what we've gone through, and without knowing where everything began they say they say. When I saw what he said on television, I was startled that he never informed me he felt that way. And he's the Siyacela I know when he's with me, when I asked him about the TV-drama, he informed me that it wasn't true," she says.

Thando was reared in Durban by her mom and grandmother, but she had to live with Nkandla relatives when her grandma died in 2014.

"Ekhaya sibaningi (a lot of us are at home)."

At a wedding, she said, she and Siyacela met. She was a bridal woman and in 2016 he was a visitor.

"He then asked me, but I rejected because I believed he was a typical person who wanted in every city a girlfriend, because he's of Ulundi and I'm from Nkandla. But he continued to ask me, he was consistent and I could see he was serious about me. He was serious. In 2018, I finally consented," she says.

The couple had lived in the various parts of KZN and their Dad said that they were supposed to pledge one another in front of the Church.

"When we got married, I was at 10th grade and he was at 9th grade. I was never really a serious makoti and they treat me like a daughter, his family embraced me quite warmly. He left school since he had gone to school." He left school.

In the show, Siyacela made it plain that he did not want to seek work or go back to school. Instead of taking a second wife, he'll take care of him with his two wives together.

There was no good cheating husband for many South Africans to social media outlets but she is not yet sure. Thando was told.

She claims that she never imagined her marriage to be so, and she never tells her own child to marry early.

"I was always thinking that we would work together and tackle jointly every problem. That's not going to happen, I thought.

"Not because of what I heard, but because of my own experiences, I would urge my child to get married young."


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