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If your man does not do any of this with you then it means he is not yours

If your boyfriend does not do any of this with it means he is not yours let him go. These days relationships are no longer lasting because we are dating people who do not date us. It is because of we have normalized a lot things in our lives. We have normalized not texting each other everyday, cheating and some other things.

Imagine going for weeks without talking to the person you love. This is surprising how can you love someone and decide not to talk to them at all. We are a failed generation when it comes to relationships, we are suffering in silence no one does hears our breakdown.

There are things that you have to them with your partner. Spending your days with your lived one, Going for 50/50. Go to shopping together, Go on vacations and explore this life together. There nothing cute as living your best life with someone who is close to your heart. So if you heave not tried any of this or maybe your partner does not do them with you. You have to know that he is not yours maybe he is doing them with someone else. There is no way where you can love someone and end up not spending your time with that person. Have a look at this:

1. imagine being next to your man when you are doing your make-up and He cheers you up.

2. Playing with him the whole knowing very well that He is yours.

3. He lifts you up anytime that is when you know that you are blessed.

4. When he takes you cute selfies and calling you by sweet names.

5. Taking selfies together, wearing matching outfits this is beautiful.

6. Throwing yourself on him or playing on his body.

7. Kissing each other everywhere.

8. Exploring the world together, going on vacations. You relate because your man is hiding you, He does not even want to hold your hand in public because He is not yours. Do no settle for less Queen.

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