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Here are 3 top reasons why you should not stay single for a longer period

In this article, I'm going to share with you three reasons why you shouldn't stay single for a prolonged period.

 Sometimes being single is fun and I think it's the cutest feeling because you have nothing or anyone to be with you disturbs. But from my deep perspective, being single for too long is not a good idea as you will likely miss a lot if the time isn't waiting for someone. Here are 3 reasons why staying single for too long wastes yourself 

 1. You're going to miss the experiences you need in a relationship 

. Being in a relationship equips you with experience and helps you know what a relationship needs and what it doesn't. 



 If you've been single for a long time (maybe years) I ask you to find a heart that suits you and make me fall in love. Help. 

 2. You will start to be desperate 

 There are times when I feel so desperate and exhausted just because I have no one to keep me company, I am always alone and I start to drown in loneliness. You need someone to act that stupid. If you've been single for too long, you're sure to feel desperate and the worst part is when people around you realize that you are desperate. 



 3. You won't know what you need in a relationship 



 Out of all the relationships I've had, I've found characters I like and characters I hate. This explains why you don't have to be single for long as time goes by when you haven't made up your mind what you want from a partner and rush into marriage without knowing if the characters your partner is portraying better suit you or not. Leaving the single life and taking on a relationship, that is, when you've been single for too long and time is running out.

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