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5 Ways You Can Get Infection From Your Partner Apart From Lovemaking

There is a common belief that a sex-transmitted disease may only be contracted when a person has sex with another person. Because s£xually transmitted viral particles can remain on or in bodily fluids, this assumption is incorrect. Infections can spread through skin contact or bodily fluids, as a result of this phenomenon. All infections can spread when they come into contact with any portion of the skin or bodily fluid. According on the type of illness in the body, the skin's ability to transmit an infection varies.

Your partner must also be affected in order for you to become infected. Instead of making love, we'll look at five other ways you and your partner can get infected in this post. The following is on the list:

Infections in the mouth, throat, lips, or saliva are all possible entry points for bacteria. Those who engage in oral sex may be at risk of contracting an illness from any of these activities. It's possible to contract an infection through your partner's kiss.

Infected breast milk from your partner is a potential source of infection for you.

3. Fluids oozing from the anus may harbor an infection. When you have an anal intercourse, this can happen.

When you or your partner touch your partner's private organ with your fingers, you run the risk of contracting an infection.

Plays using menstrual blood or blood from another area of the body can infect you. Blood is a bodily fluid, and it can carry an infectious disease. '

You should see a doctor as soon as you discover anything out of the ordinary with your health.

Source: healthline

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