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"You cannot date me if you are broke. Rich go with rich"

Money is important in all aspects of life especially in relationships. Ladies of today are more interested in dating men with a better financial status. Men with money get more women than a broke guy. However, in this case the lady claims she is wealthy but does not desire a broke guy also. She posted on Twitter saying no man can date her if they have no money because she is rich so she also needs a rich man. A person would think that with all the money she has she will not mind a poor guy because she can buy anything she desires.

However, people on Twitter were not impressed by her statement at all. They doubted that she is rich because if she truly was, she would not care about someone's status. One guy even said that rich ladies do no go around looking for someone to date. People ended up saying she should date her wealth because she seems so focused on that issue. So is she going to wait until she finds someone with the same wealth as hers or die single.

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