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Men, 20 Things Women Want But Won't Tell You

Despite the fact that money is an important aspect to consider, it is not always the one that helps to keep a relationship alive. In a world when money is everything, why do affluent men divorce more frequently than poor men, if money is everything to them? This has led me to the conclusion that women are not just concerned with money, but are also concerned with other things as well. It will be simple for a man who is capable of doing these things to them to attract a female partner.

Consider the following 20 things that women admire but won't tell you about them, gentlemen:

1 - Pull her closer to you and lay your palm against her waist. Women are on the lookout for a romantic companion. When you bring her closer and stroke her waist, she seems to love it.

2. Hold her hand in public if you want to impress her. When you're around them, it makes them feel more comfortable and at ease. When you hold hands with a lady, she is in a state of complete ecstasy.

3. Be accessible whenever she requires your assistance. When a man is constantly there for them when they need him, women appreciate him. In certain cases, it is preferable to giving her money than it is to give her money.

4. Be receptive to her. When a man says it like it is, it is appreciated by women.

5. Take her out on a date with you. Women, too, love the experience of being taken out on a date.

6. Make a purchase for her as a gift.

In front of others, give her the impression that she is valued and cherished.

8. Hug her tightly anytime she expresses a desire for it.

9. Take her by the shoulders and kiss or peck her on the lips from behind.

10. Kiss her on the lips and run your fingers through her hair.

11. Pay attention to what she's saying. She is overjoyed when someone pays particular attention to her and makes her feel unique.

12. Tell her on a regular basis that you adore her.

13. Share a kind smile with her.

14. Pose with her for pictures if you want to.

15. Take her in your arms and sit her on your lap. 16.

16. Disprove her assertions that she prefers you above others. Resist.

17. Disprove her friends' assertions that she loves them more than she loves you by stating the opposite. You can retaliate by embracing her closely and preventing her from getting to her friends' homes. It gives her the impression that she is being looked after.

18. Kiss her in front of a group of other females.

19. Do not violate her confidence.

20. You are free to take her wherever she wishes.

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