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Vanity Upon Vanity? : Meet The Man Who Wears Hundred Rings On His Fingers. (Photos)

Meet the man who has hundreds of rings on his fingers and allow yourself to be pampered by his extravagant lifestyle. (Photos)

Rings are worn by a diverse range of people for a diverse range of purposes. For example, some individuals wear rings for the sake of fashion, while others wear rings to match their attire, and so on. Depending on the individual, the amount of ringers they choose to wear on their fingers can vary; some choose to wear only one, while others prefer to wear at least two, with the rings distributed evenly over both hands and fingers.

Apparently, a man from the Ivory Coast went a little too far in his treatment of a few people. Because of him, the practice of wearing rings has risen to a whole new degree of elegance. On his fingers, there are rings dangling, and he has rings dangling from his fingers. Not only are rings available, but so are bracelets and chains as well. It appears that his decorations are made of gold, at least based on the pictures that he has uploaded.

Whether you're engaged or married, the ring you wear says a lot about you, and occasionally people choose to wear rings because of their jobs or for other reasons.

Surely you must be wondering what you think of those who dress in a range of rings and bracelets and who adorn their bodies with them all over.

Consider these images of a man who appears to be wearing a hundred rings on his fingers.

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