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A Girl Might Agree To Date You But Will Refuse To Marry You Because Of These 5 Reasons

Most guys are baffled as to why a female will date them but refuses to marry them when they propose marriage.

Don't worry; I'll explain why later in this essay; just keep reading.

Even if you're one of the wealthiest or most gorgeous men in town, that doesn't mean you'll make a good husband or father.

Most ladies have a notion of who you'll be after you get married while dating you.

Some of the reasons why a female will date you but not marry you are listed below.


A female may agree to date you due of your wealth, but she would most likely reject you for marriage if you make money illegally.

Their safety is a major concern for them.


Second, if you are the type of guy who engages in domestic violence against women, a girl may agree to date you but will reject you for marriage.

If you eventually marry her, she will expect you to mistreat her.


They'll date you because you're affluent, but they'll never marry you if you have no respect for women and teach that they should be your slaves because you're a male.


Women will date you if you are the type of man who hops from one woman to the next merely because of your wealth or attractiveness, but they will shun you if you start talking about marrying them.


Finally, females may date you, but they will never marry a man who supports defiling and raping young girls because they are not properly dressed.

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