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Why Men Fall Asleep Immediately After Lovemaking

To avoid unnecessary fights and conversations, the issue of couples getting a good night's sleep needs to be carefully handled. Females tend to stay awake after having an intimate experience with their spouse, whilst males tend to fall asleep after having sex with their partner.

If you're a woman who's baffled as to why your husband can't stay awake after a night of sex, the following is the answer to your question. Because he probably went outdoors before returning home, he doesn't have time for you, but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you or find the interaction amusing.

When a man reaches climax, his body chemistry changes, causing him to fall asleep. This has been scientifically proven. Sleepiness and eventually dozing off are the results of the biochemical substance known as biochemical prolactin being released.

As a result of the exertion of energy, men grow weary during the procedure. As a result of their exhaustion, they end up falling asleep after the encounter

When your partner falls asleep after a sexy encounter, don't be upset that he didn't give you an after-foreplay, because it's normal. Men are predisposed to this behavior.

Women who have had this experience say they can't sleep because they're too excited to stop talking and post-foreplaying.

After having sex, males tend to go to sleep.

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