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"My Love Abandoned Me After I Gave Birth To A Disable Child And Married Again:Lady Narrates.

Martha recounted how her husband abandoned her following the birth of her disabled kid and married another woman.

Martha met her spouse in her community; they became friends and subsequently married, and she became pregnant just like any other couple.

She claims that when the time came to deliver, the baby was delayed in the womb due to her not being in labour, and that when she eventually delivered, the baby was so frail that only specialists could handle him.

She claims she was taken aback when she saw her baby's hands and legs flex and that after one week, she was forced to transport him to a more suitable facility for treatment.

When the doctor informed her that the baby could not be saved, her husband abandoned them and married another lady, leaving them all alone to suffer because Martha was unable to work and left him all alone.

Martha claims her son is 14 years old but no one believes her due to his height and weight. She claims he barely gains a pound a year but is extremely bright in class.

Afosine the child expresses a desire to see his father in order to see and speak with him because, even if he abandoned him, he is his biological father.

The mother has begged with well-wishers to assist her in purchasing a wheelchair for him, as he now lifts him to school each morning and also transports him to a special needs school.


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